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If VS Unless (C1 Advanced English for the Bilingual Professional. Lesson 23 Box. A)

English Sentence Structure pg. 252/PDF pg. 265ChatGPT generated this article about this episode's topic. Read and enjoy!Learning English can be a fascinating journey, ...

B1: Adverbials of Purpose (to/for) Learn and Practice! Intermediate level. Lesson 12, Box B

Adverbials of purpose. Use of "to" and "for" to determine purpose, as in the answers to "why" questions. The most important detail here is to use "to" with actions and...

A1 lección básica: uso correcto del artículo (the) en singulares y plurales.

Practica todos los días para aprender a pronunciar y utilizar correctamente el artículo, "the", tanto en singulares como en plurales.Grammar Book Gratis:https://drive....

C1 Advanced English Lesson 22 Box. D - Wishing for the past

Are you sure you are using "wish" correctly? Join me in a practice session and find out!Get free access to my copy of the Grammar Book here:

Phrasal Verbs (B1 Intermediate Lesson 12 Box A)

Phrasal verbs are a common feature of the English language, especially in informal contexts. They are made up of a verb and a particle or, sometimes, two particles. Th...

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