"Pro-talk": Improve your fluency fast and free.

My full name is Kenndrick Anthony Mason Channer and over the past 15 years I've taught hundreds of Spanish speakers learn English from scratch and become 100% fluent english speakers. Costa Rica Born and Based, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn both English and Spanish growing up in a fully bilingual family and started teaching at language schools  the moment I turned 18. 

If you want to hear my spanish accent, go ahead and check one of the basic level episodee. I'm sure, however, that your goal hearing this podcast is not to hear me speak spanish but to improve your conversation fluency, most probably wanting to grow not just personal but professionally. You're already at a level where you can pass an entry level interview in English but the next step is to get that promotion. Talk more directly to the company's clients and improve your business relationships. You already have access to all the information so the reason you don't feel confident enough yet is simple: you understand, but almost never speak.

The secret to conversational fluency is conversational practice. Studies say that you need about a thousand hours of conversational practice to reach a near native level. The key to your success will lie in how many hours of practice you get every day. 2 hours of practice in the morning and 2 at night, 5 days a week... it'll take you 50 weeks, a year, to go from 0% fluent to 90% fluent. I speak of fluency because what really matters is how advanced your communication skills are in general, not just reading and writing, but also listening, speaking and understasnding structure and context. You need to be able to understand, explain and visually describe complex, niche-specific ideas, and to express your opinion openly without hesitation.

So, if you could practice 4 hours every day in a 100% english spoken environment. listenting, creating and repeating ideas to internalize the correct order of words until it becomes second nature, you don't think about the grammar but about the words that you want to use. Vocabulary is the easiest part of learning a language, this is not something you should be focusing on because you will not retain vocabulary that you don't use frequently.

With that thought in mind I ask: How much do you think a private english coach costs an hour? The easy answer lies in the internet: Private English Teachers expect about $20/hour of conversational English coaching. This is not what a niche English coach can charge. A private language coach for your specific industry can cost around $100/hour of counseling. This is the goal for many teacher-entrepreneurs nowadays.

If you need one thousand hours of practice, a private teacher should cost you anywhere between twenty to a hundred thousand dollars a year, but this is not an amount of money many are willing to invest in their professional development. It is absolutely worth it, considering the result is going to be an increase of your professional market value. English as a Second Language will make any position earn at least double what a spanish speaker can charge but I understand that if you don't have that job yet, you don't have the money either. this podcast is for you.

Listen to the advanced level topics called "Pro-talk", where we will discuss topics about being a professional who works in the united states. Everyday adult life culture like taxes, utilities and office work in a 100% English Spoken environment. Review the advanced grammar structure explanations and practice the conversation exercises out loud and you will be getting those 4 hours of practice a day for free. No excuses. Immersive Listening and repeating the correct structures to internalize them is one of the most conservative and effective language learning methods. The mormons use it to learn any language from scratch in less than 12 weeks. Look it up online, it's part of their missions abroad program.

You will learn English this 2023 if you put your mind to it. You no longer need to pay a teacher or an online course. You're welcome. If everything went well I've uploaded an Intermediate 2 evaluation exercise and and advanced grammar conversation exercise this very week. Remember to like, comment your questions and leave your questions in the comments. All of this will help me reach my goal of 1 million free English students online. Ready to step up your language game? Remember that you already understand English, it's easy. you just gotta practice. 

See you next class!

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"Pro-talk": Improve your fluency fast and free.
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